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Tara Stone

At first Davari’s stone holding in the form of the tile factory in 2002 under name of Ekbatan started operating in the stone industry.

Davari’s holding after 15 years, it has built its second factory for the specialized production of slab stone. With the experience we have gained during the last 22 years in the field of stone production in slab and tile sizes, we were able to process the stones to the level of the world standards and export them to more than 15 countries around the world. Davari’s holding has participated in the 2018 and 2019 exhibition of Verna stone in Italy, and also in 2019, 2022, 2023 and 2024 in Izmir, Turkey and has been able to achieve acceptable success in this regard.. more


A metamorphic crystalline rock com- posed predominantly of crystalline grains of calcite, dolomite, or serpentine, and capable of taking a polish.

A variety of limestone formed by chemi- cal precipitate from hot springs. Some va- rieties of travertine take a polish and are known commercially as marble.

A frequently translucent and generally layered, cryptocrystalline calcite with colors in pastel shades, particularly off white, yellow, tan, and green.

A sedimentary rock composed primarily of calcite or dolomite. The varieties of limestone used as dimension stone are usually well consolidated and exhibit a minimum of graining or bedding direction.